Tech2reach – Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Date Listed
30 Jun 2020
Job Type
Entry Level / Junior Executive
Job Period
Immediate Start - Flexible End
Location Name
250 North Bridge Road, Singapore
Work from Home
250 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179101
Allowance / Remuneration
$800 - 5,000 (project /contract based)
Marketing / Public Relations
Human Resources
Company Profile

Would you agree with me that you are here to pick up new skills and knowledge?  

Would you be aspire to be an entrepreneur someday?  And for every business, the most important skillset of all is marketing! Knowing the business aspect sharpens your marketing skills.

After being an entrepreneur for a decade, making all the mistakes and making millions of dollars in revenue,  I discover there is a systematic approach to start a business. 

You will get to discover:

 1.   How to pick the right idea worth millions.

 2.  How to apply the proven 3 steps process so that you can start  your business idea.

 3.   How to start without using your capital.

Tech2reach is one of my latest business which I am running. It provides resource management to local companies who want to engage talents from overseas.

Brief background of myself. I own three businesses. 

First business

  • Started in 2010, selling software, is now valued at S$0.8 million (US$0.5 million). (latest update: I sold off my shares this year and exited this business. Hooray! :)) 

Second business 

  • Started in 2014, providing doorstep iphone repairs, is valued at S$5.5 million (US$4 million). 

Third business

  • Provide human resource management for overseas talents, I’ve just started recently and valuation is still early.  

Hence I am very passionate to show you the ropes how you can discover to start your business idea, so that you do not have to make the mistakes that I did, on your journey to begin this entrepreneurship journey.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur someday, then this is for you. I’m here to show you the business approach. 

Job Description

Marketing, especially digital marketing is an important aspect of business. Having the right skillset of marketing with a combination of business knowledge is the way forward. 

  • You will need to learn to do everything at a start. Digital marketing requires creativity, proactiveness and engagement. 
  • Not for the faint-hearted.
  • Not for those who do not desire to know about entrepreneurship.
  • Not for those who wants a boring, uninteresting path. 

On the contrary;

  • Be Open! 
  • Willingness To Learn!
  • Be Independent!
  • Be Hungry For More!
  • Have The Right Attitude! “Whatever it takes, I’ll make it happen!” 


Application Instructions
Do email direct to for faster response. Please check your other spam/forums inbox folder as well.
If you were to start a business, what is one thing stopping you from doing so now? Is it due to
a) Lack of money
b) Lack of know-how
c) Lack of idea
d) Others, please explain.

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