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INTERNSG values the students and graduate talents from the Polytechnics and ITE (Institute of Technical Education), and understand that internships are an important part of the students and graduates’ training and development goals. To better allow Diploma, Nitec or Higher Nitec related jobs from INTERNSG to be found, we have provided the following quick access links:

Apart from INTERNSG, there are also internships / attachments provided by the career offices of individual Polytechnics and ITE. For convinience, INTERNSG has also provided information on the Enhanced Internships Scheme from the Singapore Government’s SkillFuture initiative below.

The below section contains public information on Enhanced Internships scheme for Polytechnics and ITE students. Information is directly from Singapore Government’s SkillFuture website, for latest updates you can go to the relevant website here. This programme is targeted for second- or third-year students enrolled at the polytechnics and the ITE, for recent graduates you can look at the SGUnited Traineeships Programme instead.

About SkillsFuture’s Enhanced Internships

What is SkillsFuture’s Enhanced Internships programme?

Firstly, internships are an integral component of the courses offered by the polytechnics and the ITE. Internship programmes aim to give students exposure to the real work environment and enable you to make a better transition into the workplace.

To improve your learning experience, the polytechnics and the ITE are working with employers to enhance their internship programmes.

Some of these enhancements include clear learning outcomes, better mentorship, and where relevant, extended durations of the attachments. This will enable you to take on more meaningful, real work activities during your internship.

Who are the Enhanced Internships for?

The Enhanced Internships are for second- or third-year students enrolled at the polytechnics and the ITE.

How does the Enhanced Internships work?

The Enhanced Internships are a component of full-time diploma courses, Nitec or Higher Nitec courses offered by polytechnics or the ITE. If you are enrolled in any one of these courses, you can go on internships that enable you to apply the knowledge and skills developed during your course in real work environments.

The Enhanced Internships allow for a greater level of company involvement in developing and mentoring interns. This means that you will get more structured learning throughout the duration of your internship

How do I apply for the Enhanced Internships?

Enhanced Internships are part of the Polytechnics’ diploma and ITE’s Nitec and Higher Nitec courses. You can apply through your school’s career offices or internships coordindators.

Why are the enhanced internships for polytechnic and ITE courses only? Will internships feature in the programmes of universities as well?

SIT and the publicly-funded Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), which are pioneering the applied degree pathway, feature internships integrating work and study as part of the core curriculum. The other Autonomous Universities are also placing increasing emphasis on internships and have their own programmes.

Has MOE done any earlier reviews of polytechnic and ITE internships? What were the earlier enhancements to these internships?

The polytechnics and ITE conduct regular course and curriculum reviews, under the guidance of academic advisory councils comprising industry representatives and academic staff, to ensure that their course content remains updated and aligned with industry needs. This may include adjustments and enhancements to the structure of internship modules.

How did the Enhanced Internships initiative ensure that internships will be more structured and better integrated with classroom learning, as compared to existing ones?

The polytechnics and ITE will work more closely with industry partners and employers to enhance the structure of the internships and define clear learning outcomes where needed. These enhancements will result in more meaningful workplace attachments and increased involvement on the part of companies in developing and training interns, which will help prepare students better for their transition into the workplace.

Do enhanced internships mean that students will have a shorter time in school to cram all their theory learning? Will this mean shortened holidays? Will existing classroom learning be modified as well?

The polytechnics and ITE will adjust their programme curricula where necessary, taking into account student well-being. In addition, the enhanced internships will provide increased opportunities for on-the-job learning that both complement and augment the theory taught in the classroom.

Further Queries

If I’m an employer, and want to offer enhanced internships, who can I contact?

If you wish to offer Enhanced Internships, please contact your preferred school’s career offices or internships coordinators. For more information you can refer to the following links:

Can I contact INTERNSG for more queries on enhanced internships?

The individual Internships Coordinator for the Enhanced Internships is directly with the school and not INTERNSG. For any query with regards to enhanced internships, you can contact the school’s internships coordinator (refer to links in above question).

Can I find enhanced internships on INTERNSG?

INTERNSG does not re-post enhanced internships from institutions on our portal as enhanced internships are integral part of the students’ courses, and go through the processing and allocation processes of the school’s individual programme. However, you can find open internships as well as graduate jobs that are suitable for Polytechnics and ITE students on INTERNSG.

To better allow Diploma, Nitec or Higher Nitec related jobs from INTERNSG to be found, we have provided the quick access links here:

Is there a place I can discuss more about enhanced internships with fellow students or empl?

Yes, Clublance.com is a free community for Singapore interns, freelancers, trainees, part-timers, undergrads, fresh grads and employers. You can join the community if you are interested to discuss early career jobs opportunities, or chit chat on other topics. They also curate numerous resources on internships, news headlines and even deals / promotions for the community.