InternSG’s mission is to connect learning interns and corporate entities through purposeful internship placements, creating synergy and empowering both parties in the process.


Can an intern bring great value to my organisation?

InternSG aims to create value for organisations by complementing their human capital with the competency of interns. As young interns are armed with the latest scholarly knowledge, enthusiasm, and most importantly, innovative minds, the engagement of an intern would bring great benefits to a company’s operational and strategical needs.


Do employers have to pay InternSG any fee?

No, companies can post their internship positions and receive resumes absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Employers can personally shortlist interns who are best suited to the company’s needs.


What can employers do to gain greater exposure to their internship listings? 

Employers may create greater exposure to their internship listings via the following options:

  1. Featured internship listing in Latest Internships
    Your internship listing will be highlighted in “Latest Internships” for only SGD95 per week. This is in addition to its place amongst the regular internship listings.
  2. Featured internship listing on InternSG homepage
    Your internship listing will appear on InternSG homepage along with a short write-up and image/video for only SGD500 per month . This is in addition to its place amongst the regular internship listings.


Can employers post unpaid internships on InternSG?

No, although most interns are in for the experience, we believe that companies should not to view interns as “free or cheap labour”, hence stipend or allowance should be provided to reimburse the interns for their work. Such goodwill can often translate to better performance from the young talents as well.


My job listings are not getting approved and I didn’t get any notifications on rejection, what is going on?

You most probably have not create your listings according to the requirements on our posting page. One frequent case is if you post multiple listings which are similar in job scope to another listing from your company within a span of 1 week (including previous posts that are rejected). In this case, your listings will be automatically filtered from approval in our system, and your existing listings may also be removed if done repeatedly.


I have posted a job listing less than a week ago, but I want to re-post a similar role again to re-list it on top of the listing page, what can I do?

Please wait for at least after a week to re-post a similar role again to prevent your listing from automatically getting rejected. If you really want to get maximum exposure, you can opt to post a paid listing with additional premium features. For more information on advertising, please read here.


How much should a company pay an intern / part-timer?

Feel free to browse our latest jobs listing to get an idea what the latest market trend is like for paying interns / part-timers.


Do my company need to pay CPF to an intern / part-timer?

CPF contributions are payable when there is an employer-employee relationship, i.e. a contract of service.

CPF contributions are not payable for the following groups:

  1. ‘N’ & ‘O’ level Government school students working during the scheduled school holidays.
  2. “A” level students working during scheduled school holidays before their “A” level examinations.
  3. Students working during vacation or term, under training programme approved by the following institutions
    • National University of Singapore
    • Nanyang Technological University
    • Singapore Management University
    • Singapore University of Technology and Design
    • Singapore Institute of Technology
    • Nanyang Polytechnic
    • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
    • Singapore Polytechnic
    • Temasek Polytechnic
    • Republic Polytechnic
    • Institute of Technical Education
  4. Students studying overseas and who return to Singapore to work during vacation or term, under a training programme approved by their overseas tertiary education institution, and the training period does not exceed 6 months.
  5. CPF contributions for foreign employees is not applicable.

In other cases, CPF contributions are payable for part-time/casual employees, as well as all school-leavers or students working on a part-time or temporary basis.

Please check the CPF website for any changes or latest information.


If an applicant is from overseas, can he/she take up an internship position in a Singapore-registered company?

Employers may use the internship listing form to hire interns directly (overseas/local). Please take note of work pass requirements when engaging an intern from overseas.

For more information on trainees or students passes, please see the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website here (under trainees or students):

Alternatively, employers who are interested to hire selected top talents from overseas, and let us help settle the logistics (lodging) and paperwork (visas) at no cost, please sign up your interest in our Overseas Talent Placement Programme


If an applicant is from overseas, do I have to pay foreign worker levy or care about the foreign quota limit?

The foreigner needs to have proper work pass requirements (see previous FAQ) before allowed to work in Singapore. For an internship under the trainee or student pass visa, no foreign worker levy payment needs to be paid, and no foreign quota restriction is in place. Foreign levy and quota only applies to S Pass and Work Permits holders, which does not apply to trainee or student pass interns as they are only undergoing training in your organisation as part of their curriculum.

For more information on levy and quota, please see the MOM website here:


What kind of entitlements should a company give to the interns?

The Employment Act covers every employee who is engaged under a contract of service, this includes interns. An employer should accord statutory benefits prescribed under the law to an intern if he is performing work and has work arrangements similar to that of a regular employee in the organisation.

For details, please refer to MOM website –

Prospective employers should inform applicants clearly of their working arrangements such as their job scope, working hours, remuneration and benefits.


What are the fair hiring practices that I should take note of?

Fair hiring practices do not only apply to the Shortlisting and Interview stage. Before you post an advertisement on the position you wish to fill, consider if the job advertisement is in line with fair and progressive employment principles. Take time to review the the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices from Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices. Also check out the list of tripartite guidelines and advisories from Ministry of Manpower.


How should a company get started on hiring interns?

Click here to post an internship listing now.  Employers can browse through current online internship listings for reference.


Can companies post an internship listing on InternSG using an email address from a free email provider (e.g. gmail, hotmail, etc)?

Due to overwhelming spam postings from users who use free email addresses, InternSG no longer accepts free listing using such emails. However, if you would like to post a paid listing with additional premium features using a free email address, you can email

For more information on advertising, please read here.


Can companies post an internship opening on InternSG’s Facebook page or Twitter?

Unfortunately, no.  Most users browse InternSG’s website for all available positions, hence it will be more effective for companies to post a listing directly via the website.

The administrators will post some companies’ approved internship listings (submitted via InternSG website) on InternSG’s Facebook and/or Twitter sites.


Can companies advertise their products and services on InternSG website?

Yes, InternSG offers premium advertising banners on the website. If you would like to advertise your products/services, please email

For more information, please read here.

You are however not permitted to advertise your products or services using our free internship listings, those listings will be rejected.


How should companies contact InternSG for other corporate/business-related issues which are not addressed above?

For Employment Passes, Employment Act or Employee Entitlements-related queries, please refer to Ministry of Manpower website. For other enquiries, please email


Where can I find more resources on hiring interns?

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