INTERNSG’s Internships, Traineeships, Externships, Part Time, Graduate Jobs

What is INTERNSG about?

INTERNSG is a free listing portal that focus on Singapore internships, traineeships, part time and graduate jobs. Through more than a decade of providing our free listing and job application services, INTERNSG has opened doors to many valuable opportunities which have helped empowered careers shaping experiences. Our portal is ideal for:

  • a student who is looking to gain some work experience beyond the walls of the classroom;
  • a fresh job seeker who is seeking his/her niche areas;
  • a person who wishes to re-enter the work force after a long hiatus;
  • someone learning a new profession or;
  • an individual looking for a non-permanent employment

Why do many people advise students or graduates on taking up an internship, traineeship or part time job?

There are many benefits to taking up an internship, traineeship or part time job:

  • Learn more about the corporate world and obtain tangible work skills and knowledge;
  • Gain relevant and useful insights into the industry related to one’s field of study or interests;
  • Allows in-depth assessment of preliminary career choice as one immerses in the internship / traineeship and;
  • Build up a network of valuable contacts

I want to get an internship / traineeship from INTERNSG, how do I get started?

At INTERNSG, we have a multitude of companies – ranging from Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to MultiNational Corporations (MNCs).

Browse through our online internship / traineeship listings, and apply directly via the INTERNSG portal.

Do I have to pay INTERNSG?

No, INTERNSG does not charge any administration fee. Applicants will apply for the position by submitting their resumes to the companies directly.

Applicants are encouraged to do the following before submitting their resumes:

  1. Research on the company, and ensure that they have the relevant skills set which the company is seeking for the internship / traineeship position
  2. Check the internship / traineeship period and your availability.
  3. Update your resume and cover letter to fit the position

What is an externship and what is a micro-internship?

During an internship, interns  spend anywhere from a day to a few weeks getting exposure to work where the stint (usually in the form of job shadowing) is short, unpaid, and informal. The word externship comes from the combination of “experience” and “internship”. Micro-internships are similarly short-termed but paid assignments. broadly defined as a job training stint that is typically much shorter in duration (e.g. 1 to 6 weeks) as compared to an internship (e.g. 2 months or more).

While these terms are used more commonly in United States and Europe as terms for such alternative training models for students, they are not widely used in Asia, and employers on INTERNSG typically does not categorize this differently from longer period internships which they offer. As such, INTERNSG does not explicitly list externships and micro-internships differently on our portal for now. You can read more about externships and micro-internships in an article we wrote here.

Overseas Candidates

I am from overseas, can I take up an internship / traineeship in Singapore?

For more job seeking information,  please refer to the MOM website:

Getting Shortlisted, About Employers

I am shortlisted by an employer from INTERNSG’s portal for an interview, how do I get myself prepared?

Congratulations! You are on your first step to getting the internship / traineeship.

Ensure that you are well prepared for the interview by:

  • Researching on the company.
    • Understand what they do and what are their focus, history, values, etc
    • Understanding the industry they are in and their competitors.
    • Know how you can fit into their company and add value to them.
    • Familiarize yourself with the jobscope.
  • Knowing yourself
    • Identify your strengths and how you can benefit the company.
    • Research on possible interview questions and try to answer them.
    • Think of instances in which you demonstrated your skills such as good teamwork, initiative, time management, etc.
  • Presenting yourself
    • Dress well and be punctual for the interview.
    • Offer a smile and a firm handshake.
    • Be confident.
    • Remember that preparation for an interview is extremely important.

Does INTERNSG validate the credibility and validity of an internship / traineeship before allowing it to be posted online?

Due to administrative and resource constraints, INTERNSG does not do any detailed screening of company credibility / validity. Our portal is in fact free for both companies and students to use, and we thank our users for their understanding. Please be advised to exercise caution and do your proper due diligence checks before accepting any internship / traineeship offers.

Never pay for any fee upfront for any kind of opportunities or administrative matters (it is an obvious red flag for scams). INTERNSG shall in no event be liable for any damages, loss or expense (please read our Terms and Conditions of Use).

If you encountered any scam-related job listing on INTERNSG, you can inform us at , or you can also reach out to us via our dedicated support channel #support-internsg-jobseeker on our partner community site:

What kind of entitlements do I have as an intern / trainee in a company?

  • The Employment Act covers every employee who is engaged under a contract of service, this includes interns / trainees. An employer should accord statutory benefits prescribed under the law to an intern / trainee if he is performing work and has work arrangements similar to that of a regular employee in the organisation.
  • More information on employment provisions in the law can be found at MOM’s website.
  • For interns / trainees working under 35 hours a week, information for part time employment can be found here:

Not Getting Shortlisted, Other Avenues

Can I directly ask for an Internship / traineeship on INTERNSG’s Facebook page or Twitter?

Please do not do so on our Facebook or Twitter. We have numerous users using INTERNSG, and because of limited administrative resources, we do not actually reply to these questions and due to privacy concerns, it is not advisable to ask on our Social Media public pages. If you are looking for an internship / traineeship specifically for yourself, please look at the latest internships / traineeships listing,  and write in directly to the employer.

I can’t find an internship / traineeship related to my field of studies/interest, what should I do?

Certain internships / traineeships are periodic or not often listed due to the limited contribution from the intern in a short time frame. There are other avenues where you may find internships / traineeships related to your field of studies by approaching your school’s corporate placement office, or looking out at the job opportunities section of your interested employer’s website.

Notwithstanding that, you might want to widen your horizons by exploring other internships / traineeships on INTERNSG. Generic professions like Sales, HR, Marketing, etc. can improve your secondary skills and will definitely widen your expertise. By having complimentary skills, this will aid your move to the corporate world when the opportunity presents itself.

Is there a place I can find even more internships / traineeships opportunities? Where can I social network with fellow interns / trainees / freelancers?

You can join – a free community for Singapore interns, freelancers, trainees, part-timers, undergrads, fresh grads and employers. There you can discuss further opportunities, or chit chat with fellow interns / trainees / freelancers. Clublance also curate numerous resources on internships, news headlines and even deals / promotions for the community.