Planners Inc – Financial Advisory Summer Internship Program

Planners Inc
Financial Advisory Summer Internship Program
Date Listed
09 Apr 2020
Job Type
Entry Level / Junior Executive
Job Period
From Apr 2020, For At Least 4 Months
Location Name
Westgate Tower, Singapore
Allowance / Remuneration
$600 - 3,600 monthly
Banking / Finance
Company Profile

About Planners Inc

Planners Inc is a financial advisory practice, representing the leading financial institution in South East Asia. We are a trusted adviser to successful professionals and business owners. We are also a founding partner of The Confidant Group, one of the leading agency alliances in Singapore. We tackle and solve 2 of the biggest challenges a professional faces in daily life today.

 One, limited resources. It's the economics of personal wealth, limited resources, unlimited wants. 

We at Planners Inc help successful professionals and business owners achieve an efficient and effective allocation of their financial resources. With our Financial Waterfall Money Management Methodology, we help you balance current consumption with delayed gratification and turn your worries about the future into certainty. We accelerate getting you to that stage in life, where you work because you choose to, not because you have to; and where you spend time and money doing the things you love, with the people you love.

Two, finding great satisfaction and deep meaning and fulfilment in the work that you do.

We at Planners Inc are obsessed about personal and professional growth. We help people figure out their purposes in life. We help our clients and associates achieve not just success, but fulfilment. And with our Financial Planning and Personal Development expertise, we enrich and enhance lives.

We are also on a mission and crusade to "evangelise" the meaningful and right way of financial planning as advisers. We believe that our's is not a sales career, but a service one; where enduring and meaningful relationships are forged best by rendering competent advice, recommending tailored solutions and delivering dedicated service.

Job Description

"Great companies do not hire skilled people and motivate them. They hire already motivated people and inspire them" ~ From Good to Great

There are 2 things you should think about as you seek internships
1. What do I want to learn and gain from my internship experience?
2. How do I judge whether a company and its internship is good for me?

At Planners Inc, we know that the best kind of internships are those that allow you to learn professional life skills beyond the classroom curriculum, one that challenges your existing paradigms and comfort zones, one where meaningful relationships are cultivated with your fellow interns, colleagues and mentors, and where there is room for personal development and positive transformation.

We focus on delivering an internship experience that is both enriching and transformative. During this rigorous and multi-faceted training programme, you will be exposed to:

1. Personal Development modules and goal setting content, culminating in your writing your first Personal Mission Statement
2. Mentoring sessions with a focus on helping you achieve clarity about your future and career options
3. Readings, Journaling and Book Reviews designed to help you achieve personal growth and transformation
4. Data Analytics, understanding how data guides our processes and strategies
5. Business Development Projects to learn, compete and execute strategies to help the firm achieve its business goals
6. Financial Advisory case studies, to learn from real-life examples, the challenges and experiences in their personal wealth management journey. To also learn how to diagnose and prescribe solutions and plans that are tailored to different profiles.
7. Adulting 101 seminar, where you will learn about event management and important life and money hacks for youths, fresh graduates and adults new to the workforce.

At the end of it all, candidates who shone brighter than others will be invited to join our Undergraduate Apprenticeship, in view to fast track to Graduate Associate and Management Trainee programmes post-graduation. (Psst, did you know our previous graduates are now amongst the Top 10% of income earners in their cohorts AND in SG?)

This Internship is best suited to those of you who are
1. Lost and unsure about what career paths to undertake
2. Know that you will not be satisfied with a typical 9-5 job in an industry of your current course of study
3. Someone who does not like to follow norms and want to experience paths less travelled
4. Am ambitious and want to achieve better career advancement and remuneration compared to your peers, yes even the dean's listers.
5. Have a keen interest in people, enjoys human interaction and developing enriching and meaningful relationships

What You Will Learn

Did you know: One of our Directors became a Manager even before he graduated?
That’s the level of growth and leadership training we will promise to you! During this internship, we will impart our knowledge and expertise - what it takes to be successful in this career, how to lead a team, and most importantly, how to lead a company - to groom you into a trailblazer in this industry.

What’s a leader without knowledge and mastery of the right tools at his / her disposal? Anyone can learn about the different tools for financial planning, but we don’t want you to just be anyone. We want you to be someone who is able to master these information, because your clients will be counting on you to provide them with sound management and investment advice.

Whether you’re talking to your colleagues, your clients or even your friends, you’re constantly selling yourself and your ideas. And the key to this is developing your communication and interpersonal skills - from the art of persuasion and negotiation to building rapport and trust with whoever you’re talking to - you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hone your skills in these areas as you interact with clients from all walks of life!

Contributing to the growth of the company is important, but your personal growth has the utmost importance. At the end of the day, we want to groom talent who not only has mastered the art of selling but also has the passion and drive to be a lifelong coach. If you think about it, there’s really no difference between a Financial Advisor and a Teacher; we teach, we guide and we make sure you attain good results.

Application Instructions
Please apply for this position by submitting your text CV using InternSG.
Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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