Growthwell Singapore Pte Ltd – Marketing & Mass Communication Intern

Growthwell Singapore Pte Ltd
Marketing & Mass Communication Intern
Date Listed
20 Oct 2023
Job Type
Entry Level / Junior Executive
Job Period
From Nov 2023, For At Least 3 Months
Marketing / Public Relations
Manufacturing Food / Lifestyle / Packaging
Location Name
Senoko Drive, Singapore
Senoko Dr, Singapore
Allowance / Remuneration
$1,400 - 1,500 monthly
Company Profile

We are a dynamic and innovative plant-based company based in Singapore, and we have recently launched an exciting new brand of dairy alternatives in the market. We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to join our marketing department and provide creative ideas to help ensure the success of this new product line. You will have administrative duties in developing and implementing marketing strategies.

Job Description
  • Manage and update company database and customer relationship management systems (CRM).
  • Update organization website with current events, relevant news, etc.
  • Design event/ program fliers, graphics and other marketing material.
  • Support the team in daily administrative tasks.
  • Update and maintain social media presence, including daily monitoring, posting, scheduling and reporting Facebook updates.
  • Any others add hoc duties assigned by Superior.

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A Rollercoaster Ride of Growth and Resilience at Growthwell
Pros: 1. **Resilient Leadership:** The founders and investors radiate positivity and unwavering belief in the company's mission, providing a constant source of motivation. 2. **Personal Growth:** Working in a challenging startup environment, employees are pushed to their limits, fostering personal and professional growth. 3. **Team Camaraderie:** The team's strong support system encourages collaboration, idea-sharing, and learning from setbacks, fostering a sense of unity. 4. **Innovation Embrace:** Growthwell's open arms towards innovation create an environment where creativity flourishes, leading to continuous improvements. 5. **Rewarding Challenges:** Overcoming obstacles, such as market fluctuations and disruptions, turns challenges into opportunities for advancement and satisfaction.
Cons: 1. **Demanding Environment:** The demanding nature of startup life might not be suitable for individuals who prefer a more stable and predictable work atmosphere. 2. **Uncertain Market:** Due to market fluctuations and external factors like the pandemic, the company's growth trajectory could be subject to sudden changes. 3. **Intense Pressure:** The daily challenges that come with startup life require a strong sense of dedication and resilience, potentially leading to high stress levels. 4. **Risk of Failure:** The fast-paced nature of startups carries the inherent risk of failure, which might not align with everyone's risk tolerance. 5. **Limited Resources:** Startups often operate with limited resources, which can impact factors like employee benefits or access to certain tools and technologies.
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