Seeking the right attitude for your dream job

Seeking the Right AttitudeGetting an internship is a great start to your career, but there is much more ahead to be hired full-time. Since many of us work as an intern for the prospects of getting a full time position, there are certain qualities and attributes employers are constantly on the lookout for. Attitude is one of the key elements that separate a great intern from a good one.

What is required first and foremost is having a great, not just a good attitude. Treat your interview like an ‘extended interview’. The right attitude matters more than anything else to turn an internship opportunity into a full-time role.

Here are some tips on bringing the right attitude to your new workplace:

  1. As obvious as this sounds dressing appropriately for work is the start of an appropriate attitude. Make sure you dress accordingly to the rules and regulations of your organisation.
  2. Report to work on time. Punctuality speaks volumes about your professionalism. Try reporting to work slightly before time if you can. It shows both commitment and personal responsibility with the right work ethic.
  3. Ask for a learning agenda or arrange a meeting with your supervisor within the first week of your internship. This way you will be aware of the direction of your internship and the tasks you need to complete.
  4. Socialise and network with your co-workers and colleagues. Try not to be an introvert and simply work on your own tasks and projects. Get to know the people around you. Ask them about their working style, specific skills and eventually build a rapport with them.
  5. Show both dedication and interest in your work. Have a positive outlook towards your work. Co-workers want to be around someone with an optimistic aura. Even in times of stress, do not give up the great attitude that just may land you with your permanent job.
  6. Go out of your way to help your colleagues and co-workers. Try to stay in the office after working hours and offer assistance to those who are overloaded with work. This just may make you an indispensable part of the organisation.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask questions Asks plenty of questions during your internship stint. While your supervisor expects a certain level of knowledge from you, you are not expected to know everything.
  8. Following this, do not hesitate in giving suggestions and ideas to your supervisor. If you are attending meetings show interest by giving your feedback and opinion.
  9. If a new project arises, you might want to initiate working on it. Employers love interns who take the first step.
  10. Just because your internship is ending do not slack off or become lazy. This is the most critical phase of your internship. Your supervisor wants to see how dedicated and commited you are
  11. A week or so before ending your internship, have a meeting with your supervision to wrap up the work you have contributed. Thank him/her for the opportunity and how much you have learned from the experience. You may also ask if there are any permanent openings.
  12. Also send a formal thank you email to show gratitude and appreciation to your internship supervisor and other colleagues who have extensively helped you out. Stay in touch with your supervisor even if you were not offered a job. You will stay fresh on their mind in case a new position opens up.


These are simply some of the ways one can adopt a great attitude that will increase the likelihood of getting your dream job. Here are some websites that provide more tips and ideas on how being successful during your internship:


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