Featured Write-up: Audrey Heyzer, MDIS Mass Communication Undergraduate

This week we have with us two young and vibrant ladies, Audrey and Geraldine. They come from very different backgrounds but share an earnest passion for the path ahead. We hope you continue to be inspired by the various youths in our ongoing “Featured Student Write-ups” series. Audrey’s article is featured below, and you can read Geraldine’s article by clicking here.


A little about Audrey Heyzer, MDIS Mass Communications undergraduate…

Well, the main curiosity most people have about me concerns my surname and ethnicity: My surname is of German decent although, on the way, both my blood and my name got mixed with Dutch, Ceylonese and Peranakan influences. So, I reckon I can be labelled a true Eurasian!

Audrey – MDIS Mass Communication Undergraduate

Regardless of my origins though, riding a motorcycle has been a consistent dream of mine for as long as I can remember… As a child, I loved to peddle my bicycle (with its training wheels) down the East Coast pretending I was an undercover police-biker – an illusion that was partially realized when, at 20 years old, I got myself a motorcycle!

Interestingly (and somewhat intriguingly), this “biker-chick” image has helped the catechistical ministry within which I enjoy volunteering for my church.  Being a catechist is an experience beyond the idea of Faith, it is a vocation that allows me to play a meaningful role in the personal well-being of the teens with whom I am involved – youths who now, heart-warmingly, consider me “part of the pack”.

As far as my studies go, I started in a “legal direction” and even managed to attain my Diploma in Law from the University of London.  But, instead of pursuing a career in the field, I developed a keen interest in the expressive arts and, when the opportunity arose for me to take up a course in Mass Communications with MDIS, I jumped at it – and I have never looked back!

I love my course very much and I have really enjoyed every moment of it – but it is difficult to pin point what has been best about it. This is because the many tiny aspects of the course add up synergistically:  The professors and staff who care about us – not just academically, but on a personal/developmental level; the programme and its diversity – where we certainly learn about the communications industry, but are also engaged in discussions about the cosmos and our own places within it; the environment and the students with whom I have been privileged to share my journey…

..and, although it has not been an easy one, this journey has birthed some of my best friendships and granted me a clearer picture of what I want my life to be: Writing is something from which I never wish to be parted, it has become my passion and I yearn for a career in journalism after I graduate.


What would be your ideal internship?

Interns should take up roles that allow them to be proactive whilst enabling them to learn what cannot be taught in school.  So, my ideal internship would be one that exposes me to as much knowledge and experience of the journalism industry as possible.  It may sound dangerous, but I would love to travel with a war correspondent or cover a disaster report on-scene!


You just won a plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you going?

Ontario, Canada – for a long holiday! (I celebrated my 20th birthday there in my aunt’s house at Niagara-by-the-lake. It was close to Christmas and snowing heavily, despite it all, my aunt braved the blistering cold cooked up a storm over the BBQ outside. I would love to go back to pay her another visit… and maybe this time, I’ll be one cooking!)


Right after graduating from school, you are offered a privileged career in banking ($120k annual salary). At the same time, a venture capitalist offers to invest $1 million in you – to start a business and become profitable within 5 years. Which role will you take on and why?

I am confident of overcoming challenges in a highly-competitive environment and I am committed to doing well and making my parents proud.  But, I am not a gambler and so I would take up the career in banking – as long as it is at an established corporation with a proven track record!


Where could you best create a whirlwind career: Google or Apple?

I feel that I would best be able to create a whirlwind career with Apple as, over recent years, they have rapidly enhanced their development of both hardware and software; and their revenue model is largely superior to that of Google.  Whilst it is true to say that Google’s android platform is catching up, their applications are not as polished as Apple’s and, to me, it seems that Apple continues to release products totally unique to those we knew before. That is a kind of magic that can conjure a whirlwind.


How should readers/employers get in touch with you?

I would love to hear from them via my email:




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